Computer Memory Upgrade
Your guide to computer memory upgrades,
RAM buying guide, and guide to install compatible RAM.

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Select the right memory - Memory Selection for Advanced Users

While it's in your best interest to shop around, don't skimp on quality. Get Grade A Memory only. Its amazing how many pcs crashes can be attributed to cheap Memory.

There are minute timing differences as well as small incompatibilities between systems.

Silicon Memory IC (chips) are manufactured by big companies. Ic's are soldered on Board (PCB), these Memory modules are programmed for speed and other Data. Chip manufacturer grades the IC, unbranded chips are 'Drop outs" of grading process.

Mysterious Crashes may be due to poor quality IC's, not meeting timing specification, sometimes crossing Border of specifications as it ages.

Points for selection for Memory :

Try  this site for recommendations on DDR and SDRAM Memory Upgrades

6 layer Board (PCB) is better than 4 layer Board.
Gold plated contacts are the better choice and the norm.
ECC memory module is better and more expensive than non-ECC, but first check if your motherBoard will accept them.
when buying memory Modules, atleast go for Branded chips.
CL2 is marginally faster than CL3.

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